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Management Level 3 Apprenticeship

Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Management

This qualification is for individuals who are in a management and leadership role.  It will provide an insight into the principles and processes of management and leadership.  It is designed for those who are entering a management role or who wish to gain a qualification that formally recognises their skills, those who manage a team and are responsible for its performance and middle managers who have a wider managerial role.


The course is primarily delivered in the workplace with on and off the job guided learning.     


To be eligible for the apprenticeship you must:

  • be 19 years of age or more
  • hold a valid national insurance number
  • have lived in the UK or EU for the last 3 years
  • have a paid contract of employment and work 16 hours a week or more
  • not hold any qualification at level 4 or above


Duration:  15 to 18 months


Framework details: Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Management, Level 3 Certificate in Management Principles, Functional Skills at Level 2 (English, Mathematics and ICT), Employee Rights and Responsibilities and Personal Learning and Thinking skills.


The Level 3 NVQ Certificate is made up of 3 Mandatory Units (14 credits) and a selection of Optional Units (totalling 11 credits from the remaining 37 units).


Delivery: The competency qualification is achieved through an assessed portfolio (paper or electronic) of evidence.  Other components are achieved through paper and online tests.

All Mandatory Units:

    • Manage own professional development within an organisation
    • Set objectives and provide support for team members
    • Plan, allocate and monitor work of a team


Sample of Optional Units:

    • Manage personal development
    • Develop, maintain and review personal networks
    • Manage or support equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility
    • Provide leadership and direction for own area of responsibility
    • Support team members in identifying, developing and implementing new ideas
    • Implement change in own area of responsibility
    • Develop working relationships with colleagues
    • Lead and manage meetings
    • Participate in meetings
    • Develop working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders
    • Plan, allocate and monitor work in own area of responsibility
    • Support learning and development  within own area of responsibility
    • Make effective decisions
    • Communicate information and knowledge
    • Plan and manage a project



Subject to funding and eligibility



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"We work closely with our Employers remaining as flexible as possible to ensure we meet the needs of the Employer as well as that of our Apprentices and Learners. The majority of our courses are delivered in the workplace in the form of blended learning packages and one to one training with the use of e-portfolios. However some Apprenticeships have drop in sessions provided for the Technical element and Functional Skills should the Apprentice/Learner want or require additional support. "